"The Following" has become Fox's latest hit, and while the show may revolve around a series of murders, fans have to keep in mind one romantic relationship ... Ryan and Claire's.

Only three episodes deep into the new series, viewers have only seen the romantic side of Ryan and Claire through flashbacks to when Joe was first arrested years ago. According to TVLine.com, fans will get a deeper peak of their relationship in the Feb. 11 episode, "Mad Love."

The site teases that viewers will see another flashback that shows Ryan and Claire falling in love. So far it's been a mystery as to what separated the pair, but in episode 4 fans will see "what ultimately tore them apart." However, the ordeal won't be played out on screen just yet.

Actress Natalie Zea told TVLine that some scenes about Ryan's mind set and "why he needed to cut it off with Claire" didn't make it into episode 4. Zea did reveal that it's to the benefit of the viewer.

"What's great about that is there's not closure for the audience and there's nothing truly final for the viewer, so we have the freedom to delve into it at a later date."

How late are we talking? We'll reportedly see a "tender" moment between Ryan and Claire in episode 10 when Claire brings up their past romance.

"The Following" viewers won't have to wait that long for some on-screen action though. E! Online reports that two kisses will occur in episode 4, "Mad Love." One kiss will occur in a flashback (possibly for the Ryan and Claire fans), and the other kiss will occur in present day.

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Catch episode 4 of "The Following" on Monday, Feb. 11 at 9 p.m. on Fox.

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